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A startup is usually a small business that has been created recently, might still be searching for its product-market fit, works in constant uncertainty, and has quite a limited number of resources at its disposal. Taking into account these challenging circumstances and the startup’s need for growth, having unbiased feedback or advice would be a must. And that’s what startup consulting is there for. So you’ve made up your mind at last. You gathered up your courage — and you will give it a shot. This brilliant idea just can’t wait any longer. If you miss it this time, the next time might never happen. You are finally ready to disrupt the market with a new startup. But as you begin researching the market and putting together the strategic blueprints — it starts to feel like this is an entirely new field for you. And deeper you dig, more question marks are popping out. How much will this cost? Where to find the right people for my team? Do I need a co-founder? Shall I charge a premium price or go for a low-end leadership? How do I acquire my first customers? Is it a workable idea altogether?

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